Adidas Boost for the First Time


As many of you may have noticed yesterday, we officially dropped our first Adidas Boost into our Gift Card Raffle program.  This may catch some by surprise as many of you that know me know that I’m a #nike4life sneakerhead.  I never really got into the Hype Adidas Boost wave…and for the record I don’t think I ever will.  I’ll be honest, this was the VERY FIRST time i ever touched a pair of Yeezy 1 Turtle doves…and yes it’s been about 2 years since they released.  Needless to say, this decision to pilot Adidas Boost is purely a business decision.  Sometimes as curators you can’t allow your personal opinions cloud or dictate the bigger picture.  As mentioned before, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean others don’t and vice versa.  There’s no denying that Adidas has taken a bite out of Nike’s market share over the past 2 years, but that doesn’t mean i’m onside with Adidas in the future.

The reason why i chose the Bape NMD Green Camos and Yeezy 1 Turtle Doves to give away circles back to our Gift Card Raffle program rationale to begin with.  Our goal from the beginning was to give sneakerheads an opportunity to own grails they’ll never be able to afford at a fraction of the cost.  Let’s face it…how many of us can drop $1,000 on a pair of shoes without breaking something or making steep sacrifices?  Right..95% of us can’t.  When the Bape NMDs dropped, how many actually got the chance to purchase at retail price and how many had to pay rape resell?  I’m not saying its a bad shoe because I’m personally a BAPE fan, but they’re only nice at RETAIL PRICE.  

I’ve been grateful to have so many customers support the movement so far, but there is always that one guy that would bash and comment about us just trying make money off our customers.  But let me put it this way…when we source these shoes on the market, we have to pay re-sell price too.  When we raffle the shoes off, we don’t ask for an outrageous unethical amount of money in return.  We keep prices within reason to factor in cost and time we put in to make these things happen.  From that perspective, the sellers that sells us these shoes that were able to buy at retail are actually MAKING MUCH MORE than we are.  So who is to blame?  At the end of the day, everyone is subject to their own opinion and i’m not going to be able to satisfy everyone because i’m not Jesus.   Anyways, hope this one will turn out as another successful run and hope we continue to bless those that are less fortunate going forward

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